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MOO! Run ‘Em Through……~

Is hospitality a lost art? I know there are people who like to “have company” like we say here in the South , but what about those times when people show up unannounced? I had some unannounced company at lunch today, and without thinking automatically set another place at the table. It was reflex, we were eating, and it just felt like the “right” thing to do. I thought the person was going to fall out of their chair, so great was their shock. And so they ate and stayed and visited a bit. Then I got to thinking about it, and I felt kind of bad. Is it THAT out of the ordinary these days for people to share their meals with someone? Are we all in that big of a hurry ? Have we eaten so many fast food meals, sitting in giant dining rooms with complete strangers , that we no longer associate eating with family or friends? No more gathering together for reassurance that we are all one unit again, but rather just four more cows at the feed trough buffet line? (MOO! Run ’em through agin boys!) Now , I know there are people that work, and so they are not home at the dinner hour, or whenever. I know it’s a crazy world, and people are pulled in a lot of directions at once. But, I wonder if we are missing out on something? Would the world seem a little friendlier, and a little less hectic, if we sat down with our neighbors and ate a meal every now and then? I’ve noticed it’s pretty hard to maintain a grudge against someone when you are around the same dinner table! So, I’m resolving to make more of our meals the meaning-“full” , family kind.

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