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Golden Oldies~

You know how people talk about the good old days? Well, I just had kind of an interesting thought. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s good old days.
I ‘ve had one of those days today. I got to go to a car show with my kids and family today. I really enjoyed having my Daddy there with me , too. He’s kind of an old car expert, so it’s fun to hear him tell about the first time he saw a car like that, or “I had one of those in ’65 . I gave $400 dollars for it.” They had a lot of totally awesome vintage vehicles from the ’40s, ’50s , ’60s and even a few dating from the 1930s. All those great American Heavy Metal cars with the swooped hoods and fenders like art. Chrome and whitewall tires. Of course, to complete the retro feel , they were playing all that great golden oldies music from the 1950s “diner” era. It was enough to make me wish I had a poodle skirt and saddle shoes! 🙂 My boys, (11 and 13) had never seen so many different kinds of great cars. Each one seemingly cooler than the next! It was all…..”Ooooh….that’s my favorite! No, wait , THAT’S my favorite!!” I think it will definitely be one of those memories for them. I can hear them telling their children now, “I remember the first time I saw that model car…….it was back in 2012 at the car show, with MY Grandpa…….” It will really be THEIR version of the good old days.


2 thoughts on “Golden Oldies~”

  1. Hi Ruby,
    I too like the cars from the days gone bye. When I was a teenager, I loved the cars of my era. The 50’s. That’s when Detroit made some beautiful hunks of iron and steel. Not plastic like today. Back then you could work on the engines. You could soup them up and really customize them.
    Back in ’49, Cadillac came out with the first tail fins. It wasn’t long before most all cars had them. I think the ’59 Caddy had the highest of all the fins ever made.
    And the chrome was gushing everywhere along with white-wall tires and fender skirts.
    Todays cars might be more fuel efficient and more comfortable and easier to drive, but I’ll take a ’51 Chrysler or a ’56 Ford. If only had had kept mine.

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