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It’s Mother’s Day!
Hope you are having a great one. My husband gave me some money to buy the new denim skirt I’ve been needing. Plus, I got a pair of desperately needed “nice” sneakers to wear to church. My husband in his great wisdom has discovered it is MUCH better to just give me dinero and say, “Here. Buy something you need/want/like. ” Smart man. 🙂
In honor of mothers today, I would like to broach a subject that is close to my heart. The stay-at-home mom.
I am a stay-at-home , homeschooling mom of two. I know that in this day and hour this might seem to be a radical position to some. I have gotten a lot of criticism from folks who think that it is wrong or strange for me to feel like my place is in the home. This negative feedback mostly comes from “working” mothers. I put that in quotations because to assume that some mothers are “working” while others “stay home” as if it were a vacation is a very wrong assumption. ALL mothers WORK. It is what we DO. Please do not follow up my statement of , “I stay home.” with “You don’t WORK?”. If you followed me around all day while I am “just SITTING at home.” you would see.
I guess this criticism bothers me on a personal level because I make it a habit to NEVER tell mothers with outside jobs I think they are wrong for working instead of staying home. I would never dare to assume I know what is right for them or their family. It IS a free country, thank goodness. Everyone has the right to do what they feel is right for their own children. But, mothers who would raise up their voices in protest if I were to say such a thing and proclaim their rightness, do not seem to hesitate to tell me , “Why do you stay home?”, or “Don’t you get sick of being around your kids , all day, everyday?” , or even more offensive, ” I guess you don’t believe in women’s rights, huh? Are you a barefoot and pregnant kind of person?”
Why is their choice to have an outside job perfectly okay, but I’m in the wrong to want to do differently? Why is it offensive to them that I choose to stay home with my children, and educate them myself? Why is such a horrifying thing to “not mind” being with my boys all day? I guess I just don’t understand. Maybe my choices aren’t the same as yours, but I wouldn’t presume to tell you you’re wrong. We might be very different in our approaches, but our motives are the same…….to raise our children the best way that we know how. Live and let live. Just sayin’.


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