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From Now On~

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all moms out there!
If you gave up high heels and makeup for sweatpants and scrunchies, if you gave up breakfast in bed and sleeping late for Froot Loops and early Saturday morning cartoons, if you gave up date nights for two, and long romantic evenings for crowded family table dinners and an even more crowded queen -sized bed , I salute you!
If you know that sometimes kisses ARE just as good as band-aids, and that chocolate milk can sometimes be even better than the two combined, you know what REAL motherhood is all about . If you ever catch yourself wishing for banana baby food kisses, and a small , bald drooly man, you’ve been a Mom.

If you ever felt like strangling your kid, while inside feeling secretly proud that they out-argued you, you can count yourself blessed.

If you have been burped up on, cried to, had eyes rolled ( supposedly covertly!) at you, been made to feel old, had your hand held during a scary movie, dealt out boo-boo cream and popsicles at the same time, ever heard the words, “I’ll do it myself!” more than once in the same 10 minute time frame, been insanely nervous, and totally confident all at once, then Congratulations!! You’ve joined an exclusive club. Once you’re a member , you can never be evicted. For once you are a mother, you will always BE a mother. You can be divorced, and not be a wife, you can be fired , and no longer be employed. But once you are a mom, you are a mom for eternity.

Thanks to all the great moms out there, keep on, keepin’ on!


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