So That’s Why!~

Wow. We had QUITE the storm last night! You know yesterday I said it was muggy and oppressively hot? Well, turns out, that was some kind of a harbinger , I guess. About 5:30 pm here yesterday it got completely dark outside, major wind blew through, and some serious sounding hail. It lasted til about 6 :15.( Ohhhh, so that’s why it was 90 degrees in May!) We didn’t get any damage, thankfully, other than a lot of limbs knocked out of the trees, but our power was off and on for an hour or so. There was a report from a friend of mine whose husband is a lineman with the power company, that there were 1100 outages reported from our area. My sister and brother in law had a tree fall on their living room, but they were all okay, thank the Lord. My mom and dad were camping at the lake in their RV, (of all things!!) , when all this was going on. I guess they’re a lot braver than me! I’d have probably huddled in the campground bathroom waiting it out, before I stayed in the camper!
Not sure what the effect of all that hail is going to be on my fledgling garden. I’ll have to go over and check it later, I guess. It’d sure be a shame to have all that good rain, and then for the hail to have beaten my plants down ! Well, anywho. That’s the way it is, I suppose. We take what comes, and deal, lol. 🙂 I hope this finds everyone snug as bugs where ever you are!


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