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Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve been here. Spring is in full swing here, and the humidity and heat is already oppressive. I told the hubs, I remember when it gets this way, why I like Winter. The heat, and added humidity make my bones feel terrible. It really isn’t anecdotal. (Isn’t that the word that doctors use?) I can tell anytime it is going to rain, snow or anything like that. I used to kind of look skeptically at old people who claimed that their “bones” were hurting them and it was going to rain. Not anymore. Since the lupus has come along I’ve found it to really be true.
On the good side, we got our garden planted and the rain has been just right for growing so far. Last year , it rained so much at first, you couldn’t get anything planted. Then it was so dry and hot that everything burned up nearly straightaway. We planted 12 tomato plants, and all season reaped 3 sad looking tomatoes. So, hopefully , this year the weather will all even out and we will enjoy our harvest of fresh veg.
How about at your place ? Are you gardening this year? Has the weather been to suit you?
I hope today finds you all feeling well, and enjoying the weather whatever it might be! 🙂


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