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Left Behind?~

I just read a disturbing article on YAHOO! news. It was about how Victoria Beckham accidentally left her son , when she was supposed to be taking him to school. She remembered his backpack, his lunch, and everything, got to the school and realized she had forgotten her son. How does that happen?!? And the thing is the article was accompanied by other mothers saying they had done the same. At the store, the church , or the mall. I was flabbergasted. I mean , really?!? How do you not know where your kid is? I know when they get older you have to let them go places on their own, but when they are little? I might be overprotective, or paranoid, but I guess I always thought it was my job to keep my children safe. Bad things happen everyday to people who are careful, how much more so to those who are not? It only takes a minute for someone to hurt, or even abduct your child. And you may say, “Well, we live in a small town , and that would never happen.” But you don’t know. There are wicked people everywhere. And I don’t mean that to sound all “gloom and doom” but I only get one chance to do this parenthood thing right. I guess the more I thought about this article the more aggravated I got about the whole thing with Victoria Beckham. I had thoughts like, “Do you not talk to your son on the way to school?” , “Do you not notice the car is quiet?”, “Where was the child at when she left him?” , it just really made me wonder about people these days. I dunno, I guess I always thought my kids were part of me, and I would never leave part of me just laying around somewhere. “Oh, geez, I left my arm back at home. Oh, well.” I don’t think so . My boys mean more to me than just something to accessorize with. Just sayin’.


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