The Mouths of Babes~

I had a really interesting conversation with my boys a while ago. It was quite eye opening as I guess I never really thought about what great insight children can show us sometimes. Like all boys, they are fascinated with shoot em up games, and playing army or “war”, where of course , no one really “dies” , but always lives to fight another day and be the hero. But while we were watching the History Channel the subject came up about nuclear bombs. “What are those?” and “Why are they different from a “regular” bomb? ” This was a harder subject to explain ,than I thought. We don’t really let them watch violent television, or play graphically violent video games. They get along really well together, and very seldom ever fight. They’ve only ever come to blows maybe twice in their whole lives. So it’s really hard to explain the whole concept of war, and nuclear bombs and all that. Especially trying to convey the devastation that something like that causes. I mean , their whole attitude was , “How can something be so bad that you have to use nuclear bombs on someone else? Why didn’t they just try to talk to one another? Did their moms not make them work it out?!?”. Oh , if only the world saw it that way ! I explained the best I could, although I ‘m sure they still don’t really understand. And maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe , even sometimes as adults we could all take a step backwards when we have a conflict and say, “Is it really that bad? Or could we maybe work it out by talking to each other?”


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