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Today’s Ramblings, lol~

Well, I had been on a roll with the blog posting, but did not make it here yesterday. I don’t even really have an excuse , other than I spent most of the day sleeping. I was totally exhausted and don’t even really know why. Okay, the kids have been sick, and the hubby was sick , too. So, I guess if I’m taking care of them AND trying to take care of myself, that might be why, lol. Luckily, it’s just spring allergies or sinus , I think, not doctor worthy, just extra mommy time worthy. But, hey, that’s life.
I do think it’s funny how both my kids react completely differently to sickness. My oldest son was born prematurely, and has had numerous health problems, and surgeries. He can be practically dying before he’ll say anything about feeling bad. If he tells you he needs to see the doctor , you had better be taking him seriously, because it’s BAD. My youngest son, however, can stub his toe, and be nearly bedridden. Drama king, for sure. It’s very difficult to take what he says and be empathetic because usually it is just majorly funny! Just imagine, a hand thrown onto a forehead in a dramatic manner …..”Aaaarrrgh! My toe! I’m going to die!” And the Academy Award goes to………Denim! At least he provides entertainment value, anyway.
Well, I suppose that’s all that’s new in my neck of the woods today, hope everyone else is well, and enjoying spring. Have a great one everybody!


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