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Do You Buy That?~

Am I the only person who doesn’t “get” a lot of these commercials these days? I mean, I used to think I was fairly intelligent. I read, and I thought I was kind of up to date on the “real ” world, but the more commercials I see , I’m not so sure.
For example, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial. It shows one of the little squares licking itself , sticking it’s tongue in the milk in order to “lure” another square up to eat, who in turn eats him. I just find this disturbing, and creepy! Who wants to think about random anthropomorphic “square” tongues in your milk?!? Or that they are cannibalistic?
Or the beavers who are hawking NetFlix. What in God’s green earth do beavers know about television?!?!? How exactly is this supposed to make me want to order their service? I guess I don’t understand their strategies.
Now, funny commercials, I get. People respond to humor. I like the M & M commercial where Red thinks Ms. Brown is naked. That’s funny, and you don’t have to be a genius to “get” it. I like the Orkin Man commercials where the termite shows up and says “Is that oak?”. Again, simple, but humorous.
I know surely these companies must spend millions of dollars on market research and studies to show which of their commercials are most effective. So with the beaver thing, and the cereal commercial, I’m not sure if that says something about the company, or if it says something about US.


4 thoughts on “Do You Buy That?~”

  1. While I enjoy Cinnamon toast crunch- I have always thought those commercials were quite absurd! Along with the others you mentioned. I’m not sure who taught these commercial producers about marketing/advertising, but I’m sure you and I could do a heck of a better job than them!!!

    1. Thanks! I bet we could do a better job, lol 😉 Hope all is going well with you and you are getting settled in with your move and everything, always good to hear from you! ((HUGS))

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