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That Lovin’ Feeling~

It’s that time again. When the sun sets and romantic feelings start to hum on the back burner. The children are tucked all snug in their beds, and it’s only the hubby and I awake. Hmmmmmmm………what to do with this alone time, wink, wink….;) We crawl eagerly into bed as I reach to the bedside drawer to get my equipment………..
My Breathe Right nasal strips. Ha. Had you worried there for a minute didn’t I? You were thinking to yourself, “Lord , have mercy what is she going to post now?!?”
We’ve been married 15 years now, so our bedroom routine is quite a bit different now a days. I have breathing difficulties at night, so these extra strength nasal strips are my new best friends. Of course, hubs has worked all day, so he needs a BenGay rub, and a handful of aspirin. He needs socks and a heavy quilt to warm his poor cold feet. I need my body to be out from under the covers and a fan for a breeze( and for the white noise!) We lie in bed and enjoy companionable silence over our separate pursuits. He with SuDoKu and I with a hefty hardback book. No words necessary. If he gets tired, and wants to turn out the lights, he doesn’t mind if I sleep on the sofa so I can finish my book.
And sleepwear these days really is about comfort. I mean sure, those Victoria’s Secret models look great , don’t they? But, big hint, that stuff is NOT made for sleeping, am I right? For sleeping you need, (pardon me 😉 an old ratty tshirt and granny panties. Seriously.
I don’t mean to say that there aren’t intimate romantic moments. There are. It’s just that our lives don’t revolve around those anymore. I can truly say that I could be anywhere , anytime, with my other half, and enjoy myself. As cliche’ as it sounds he really is my best friend.
And if a man can love you with your nasal strip, holey tshirt, and your granny panties on, there just might be some hope for romance after all.

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