About Me~

The Lies We Tell~

My husband and I have a weird parenting philosophy. Or so I’ve been told. We NEVER lie to our children. Not even about little stuff. I suppose in this world of half- truths, and little “white” fibs, that seems extreme to some people. Shockingly the biggest flak we ever received was over the fact that we don’t do Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. We got complete strangers to read us the riot act about that.
We also don’t skimp on honesty when it comes to drugs, alchohol or substance abuse. If we happen to see COPS and there is an addicted person acting out of control, or wrecking their vehicle, my husband will tell the boys, “That is what drugs do to you.” We also tell them , “Not only do these things hurt you, but they also hurt everyone around you.” “If you wreck your car, you might not kill yourself, you might kill some innocent person.” We show them police officers, and jails and tell them if they break the law, they WILL be arrested and taken away to prison. Jail is not like time out. These places are over crowded, with less than home cooked food, and no video games( NO WAY! REALLY?!?)
We also assign them chores, to earn their own money. Because in the real world, you do the work, or you don’t get paid. I take them grocery shopping and give them a certain amount of money to help me shop. They have to get the best deals on the items on their list and use only the money I gave them. Because in the real world, we don’t have unlimited budgets. They know that there are such things as electricity bills, medical bills, and that you have to maintain your vehicle, by buying tires and gasoline.
I had a friend tell me that I should be ashamed by telling my children all these things, because I was cheating them of a childhood. But, what kind of an adulthood would they have if I teach them nothing now? I wish that they could grow up to be millionaires and never have to worry about money. I would hope that they would remain on the right side of the law always. But children need to grow up into the kinds of adults who understand , there are consequences for EVERY action or inaction. I don’t think we do any favors to the people we love by telling them lies, or coddling them. Life happens, even WHEN we’re prepared, how will it turn out if we’re not?

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