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Dude. I Ain’t Riding That~

Life is like a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling. ~ Claude Pepper

Well, no offense to Mr. Pepper, but I’m not sure that’s exactly true. (See picture!) 🙂 Although, technically that’s a velocipede, and not a bicycle. Ever feel like that ? Not only has life jerked off the training wheels, but now it’s given you a velocipede instead of the standard 2- wheeler? And says here, new wheels. You think to yourself, “No way am I riding that!?!” Whew. Boy, have I. This has been a “velocipede” last couple of months.
Do you remember learning to ride your first bike? Without the training wheels? I learned how the same way generations of children did. Dad holds onto the back , steadys you and then lets go. Over and over until pretty soon you realize he doesn’t have to hold on anymore, and you’re off! (How does that work with one of these giant jobs?) What freedom that is, right? Something about being on a bicycle and pedaling furiously is a great feeling!
I guess if you want to compare life, and such, riding a bike isn’t such a bad metaphor. But , oh how I wish I was in a chauffeur – driven car sometimes. Preferably a vintage Rolls-Royce. A Silver Wraith. With thick plushy carpet, and air conditioning to die for. But, no, life is definitely a bicycle. I’ve been pretty blessed the last couple of years, I’ve had a pretty good run with all my health issues. Everything kind of laid low and mellowed. Just enough so I could hope to trade my 2- wheeler in for that Wraith. But, alas, it was not to be permanent. Nope. Had to dust off the old velocipede, and get pedaling.
So, I’m off again. If you see some crazy chick in a hoop skirt wobbling down the highway of life, don’t fret. I’m just pedaling towards my Rolls!

2 thoughts on “Dude. I Ain’t Riding That~”

  1. As a biker… The Harley kind… I live this. It made me smile… I run through life wide open on one that weighs a thousand pounds… But basically the same principle.. It’s all about defying gravity, honey!! Have an awesome day. And keep the rubber side down, ya chin in the wind, and ya knees in the breeze. (I ride my softail in stilettos. Smiles.)

    1. Thanks so much! Your comment made me smile! I am definitely hanging in there. I’ll remember to wear my gravity defying stilettos from now on………….lol (((HUGS)) 🙂

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