A Sure Thing~

If you have to wonder if someone is your friend, they’re probably not.

This was a revelation I had a while back. When I was growing up , I was a very optimistic child. I thought that when someone said something, it was true, and that the face they showed the world was the person they really were. If they said they were my “friend” , I believed them whole-heartedly. I didn’t realize that most people are out for only themselves, and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. But, as I’ve grown older, I understand , that sometimes a person has a ulterior motive, for being your “friend”. It was a hard thing to swallow. I wanted SO much to believe that there was inherent good in all the human race, and that no one was completely evil. I’m afraid that I ‘ve discovered that’s not true either.
I have been very blessed in the area of friends. I have quite a few that I could call any hour, of any day, and say I needed something, and they would be there to lift me up, or whatever I needed. The kind of friends you could call a “sure thing”. It’s really difficult to find people like that these days. You don’t have to wonder where they stand with you, or where you stand with them. Honesty prevails. It’s a great feeling to have a friend like that . I need stability in a friendship, and an ability to share equally our thoughts, troubles, and joys. A one sided friendship is a terrible drain on your soul. When all you hear is “THEIR” troubles, “THEIR woes”, and so on. You want to listen and to help, but after a while you wonder ……..when do I get a chance to share? Or worse, that “friend” who is only the friend to your face. When they are around other people, they trash talk you , or make light of your struggles. Of course, then there’s the friend who is friendly to you one day, and cold as ice the next. How do you read someone like that? Either you like me, or you don’t . If you DON’T , okay, but tell me to my face. And last of all, the “friend” who is just there for some fringe benefits. Money , popularity, or favors.
So really it all boils down to honesty and confidence about the friends you have chosen. If you have to wonder ,”Are they really my friend, or are they using me?” You probably just answered your own question. A REAL friend leaves no room for doubt or confusion. You’ll KNOW who they are, because they’ll be ones standing by you when there is nothing, absolutely nothing in it for them. If I could make a wish, it would be that everyone have a least one person like that in their life.

About Me~


You know when people tell you” Enjoy it now, they’ll be grown before you know it?” Well, I am finding out how incredibly accurate that saying is. My oldest son is going to be 14 at the end of this year, and the youngest 12 years old. I guess it just sinks in with me……..the firstborn will be getting a driver’s permit, some small jobs, a vehicle………..a girlfriend!(shudder, shudder) The craziest thing about it, is that it just happens so gradually. It’s a moment by moment, little by little process. Every day they learn a small something that takes them closer to their goals of being an adult. Steadily moving forward to that uncharted land of adulthood. To me that’s almost more heart wrenching. It’s like peeling a Band-Aid slowly. It would almost be better to just rip it off , one swift jerk, then it would be to do it soooooooooooooo carefully. I mean , don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying every day of being a parent, and I love my kids more than anything, and I don’t REALLY want them to be grown already. I guess really what I’m trying to say is , I’m being selfish. I want to keep them as pacifier sucking , onesie wearing, sippie cup drinking, kissable babies. I wish sometimes that we were still doing the baby powder bottoms, and the tiny shoes and clothes. I miss the “Hold me Mommy’s !” and the “Kiss my owies.” Of course , there are some things I DON”T miss. I don’t miss 2 am feedings. Or the constant , “NO! Don’t do that’s !” I am grateful that they are maturing into young men and not just young boys. I hope whatever time I have had with them , has made them people the universe needs. And I pray that whatever time I have left to shape them, I put it to good use. So, I know that for every day that I pull the Band-Aid back a little further, that they are growing up, and maybe, just maybe, I am too.

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A Little Behind, :) ~

Well, I’m behind. Again. Ugh. I can not seem to get myself together these last few days. I missed two days here, but did get the kitchen cleaned. I didn’t get the laundry done, but I did get a lot of rest this week. So , I got SOME stuff done, just not ALL the stuff done that I wanted to. But so it goes, I guess.
I do miss writing here when I skip it, though. I don’t know how people write for a living . I am reading Sylvia Plath’s Letters Home, where she explains to her mother that she intends to write 1,500 words every day , regardless. I suppose writing might just be like anything else, and the more we practice it, the better we will get. I understand what people mean when they say writer’s block, because my inspiration has been sorely lacking these last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s lack of quality rest, or just feeling bad in general. Who knows? Anywho, that’s all that’s new in this neck of the woods. I ‘m off to rest my “brain” in hopes that inspiration will strike! Have a great day everyone! 🙂


The Mouths of Babes~

I had a really interesting conversation with my boys a while ago. It was quite eye opening as I guess I never really thought about what great insight children can show us sometimes. Like all boys, they are fascinated with shoot em up games, and playing army or “war”, where of course , no one really “dies” , but always lives to fight another day and be the hero. But while we were watching the History Channel the subject came up about nuclear bombs. “What are those?” and “Why are they different from a “regular” bomb? ” This was a harder subject to explain ,than I thought. We don’t really let them watch violent television, or play graphically violent video games. They get along really well together, and very seldom ever fight. They’ve only ever come to blows maybe twice in their whole lives. So it’s really hard to explain the whole concept of war, and nuclear bombs and all that. Especially trying to convey the devastation that something like that causes. I mean , their whole attitude was , “How can something be so bad that you have to use nuclear bombs on someone else? Why didn’t they just try to talk to one another? Did their moms not make them work it out?!?”. Oh , if only the world saw it that way ! I explained the best I could, although I ‘m sure they still don’t really understand. And maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe , even sometimes as adults we could all take a step backwards when we have a conflict and say, “Is it really that bad? Or could we maybe work it out by talking to each other?”


Food for Thought~

Did you ever wonder?

If practice makes perfect, and nobody’s perfect, does that mean that no one is practicing?

After eating do frogs have to wait one hour before getting OUT of the water?

Before they invented drawing boards , what did they go back to?

Can good looking Eskimo girls be called hot?

Could a person get addicted to counseling? If so , how would you treat them?

Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?

How can a slim chance, and a fat chance be the same, but a wise man and a wise guy be opposite?

How can something be NEW and IMPROVED? If it’s new, then what is it improving on?

How can you chop down a tree, and then chop it up?

How do “Keep Off the Grass” signs get where they are?

Just for laughs! 🙂

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Today’s Ramblings, lol~

Well, I had been on a roll with the blog posting, but did not make it here yesterday. I don’t even really have an excuse , other than I spent most of the day sleeping. I was totally exhausted and don’t even really know why. Okay, the kids have been sick, and the hubby was sick , too. So, I guess if I’m taking care of them AND trying to take care of myself, that might be why, lol. Luckily, it’s just spring allergies or sinus , I think, not doctor worthy, just extra mommy time worthy. But, hey, that’s life.
I do think it’s funny how both my kids react completely differently to sickness. My oldest son was born prematurely, and has had numerous health problems, and surgeries. He can be practically dying before he’ll say anything about feeling bad. If he tells you he needs to see the doctor , you had better be taking him seriously, because it’s BAD. My youngest son, however, can stub his toe, and be nearly bedridden. Drama king, for sure. It’s very difficult to take what he says and be empathetic because usually it is just majorly funny! Just imagine, a hand thrown onto a forehead in a dramatic manner …..”Aaaarrrgh! My toe! I’m going to die!” And the Academy Award goes to………Denim! At least he provides entertainment value, anyway.
Well, I suppose that’s all that’s new in my neck of the woods today, hope everyone else is well, and enjoying spring. Have a great one everybody!


Silver IS Beautiful~

This is taken from the Yahoo!News page. I am in awe of this lady. Talk about aging gracefully in more ways than one. Take that, botoxed 20 year olds!

83-year-old model Daphne Selfe says she’s never had cosmetic surgery.

.By Eric Pfeiffer | The Sideshow – Tue, Apr 17, 2012.. .

(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)
83-year-old model Daphne Selfe is making headlines this week for her age-defying beauty. But unlike so many of her younger contemporaries, Selfe says she has never taken part in any cosmetic surgery.

“I’ve never had anything done to my face,” she told the Daily Mail. “Not that poison, not a facelift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it!'”

As part of a marketing campaign, Selfe recently agreed to pose in a bra and corset ensemble first made famous by Madonna during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour.

Selfe joked that the replica outfit is “terribly unforgiving.”

“I thought they might have done a bit of airbrushing!’ she told the paper.

“My body is OK when I lie down, it settles rather. But, hey, what the hell, it was all for a good cause.”

Selfe took the photo for Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt, which is gathering bra donations to send to woman in developing countries who might not otherwise be able to afford or access them. The Daily Mail says the first shipment of donated bras will be sent to Senegal, West Africa. The group hopes to collect more than 1 million bras.

And despite all of the positive attention her new photograph has received, Selfe says she wouldn’t want to be a full-time model today, though she jokingly recalls some of her own past experiences in the industry, when her modeling career first began in the 1950s.

“I started off modeling fur, which in those days wasn’t controversial. I did mainly work as a house model, and a few advertisements,” she said. “We were often photographed holding a cigarette, and I didn’t even smoke!”

She partly credits “good genes” for her longevity but says she also avoided drugs and alcohol while working in the industry. And how has she handled the aging process?

“It’s going to happen, so why worry? My generation got on with it,” she told the paper. “I do find people are always complaining these days. I try to remain cheerful, not grumpy. I’ve developed glaucoma, but the drops I have to put in my eyes have made my lashes grow! So there is always a plus side. ”

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Do You Buy That?~

Am I the only person who doesn’t “get” a lot of these commercials these days? I mean, I used to think I was fairly intelligent. I read, and I thought I was kind of up to date on the “real ” world, but the more commercials I see , I’m not so sure.
For example, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial. It shows one of the little squares licking itself , sticking it’s tongue in the milk in order to “lure” another square up to eat, who in turn eats him. I just find this disturbing, and creepy! Who wants to think about random anthropomorphic “square” tongues in your milk?!? Or that they are cannibalistic?
Or the beavers who are hawking NetFlix. What in God’s green earth do beavers know about television?!?!? How exactly is this supposed to make me want to order their service? I guess I don’t understand their strategies.
Now, funny commercials, I get. People respond to humor. I like the M & M commercial where Red thinks Ms. Brown is naked. That’s funny, and you don’t have to be a genius to “get” it. I like the Orkin Man commercials where the termite shows up and says “Is that oak?”. Again, simple, but humorous.
I know surely these companies must spend millions of dollars on market research and studies to show which of their commercials are most effective. So with the beaver thing, and the cereal commercial, I’m not sure if that says something about the company, or if it says something about US.


Road Hazard~

This happened last summer, and was too funny not to share!

Now at first I have to explain, and it won’t sound funny, but it will when you get to the end, so be patient, please! We live out in the country, and we keep chickens. Nothing fancy , just a bunch of this-n-that breeds, but they do lay eggs and are fun to watch. They are really my boys’ responsibility. You know, the whole “chores-work-real life experience” thing. We turn them out every day so that they can “graze”. Now, I don’t know if any of you know anything about chickens, but I’m here to tell you, Chickens. Are . Stupid. They do not even have the sense to get out of the road, when a truck is coming, and we have lost several of them that way. Truck + chicken = not pretty ( I actually saw this happen in real time once, and it was like watching a feather pillow explode.) But , I’ll go you one better! Here comes the funny part. The highway department comes every summer and bushhogs (mows) the ditches. That was what was happening that day. I didn’t think anything of it, until my youngest son comes in and says,”Momma! Momma! The highway department man bushhogged a chicken!” (Okay. That was the part that was not going to SEEM funny, lol) Denim was very perturbed! I told him I was very sorry, but that there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it. A few hours later , he took the trash out to the curb, and came back in with a very sheepish look. “Momma, the man did not bushhog a chicken…………..it was a white plastic grocery sack.” I laughed, and laughed!
Here’s to the lowly Gallus Domesticus ( Latin for poor dumb chicken, lol)



Luna Moth~

Resting gently on the screen.
Outstretched wings of velvet green.
Drawn to the light, barely unfurled,
into some alien world now hurled.
Mysterious creature , secrets unknown.
Quickly birthed, quickly gone.

Resting gently on the earth.
With outstretched wings we find our worth.
Drawn to the light, in a world colored ink,
we sometimes falter, oft times sink.
Mysterious creatures, our stories yet told,
will we be dross, or will we be gold?