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When was the last time you got a letter via snail mail? (AKA the postal service.) I love to get real cards and letters in my physical mailbox. There is just something about it that makes my day. The surprise of opening the door of the box and there being a nice thick envelope with a greeting card. Or a long thin one with a couple of sheets of stationery in it, covered with elegant cursive. Or even just a small square envelope with a notecard in it.
I know everyone is totally into email, e-cards, e-newsletters and FaceBook, and these are fun tools. But I still send most of my correspondence through snail mail. I guess my thought is most people are used to just getting junk mail anymore. Unwanted sales flyers, catalogs for items they don’t need , and of course, bills, bills, and more bills! It’s a great feeling when you open it and see somethig unexpected like a note from a friend. Especially if it’s a note sent for no reason other than “just because”.
I still send all my Christmas cards by post , too. And I know it might seem like a lot of extra effort, but I hand write a different message for each card, instead of a generic, “from our family to yours” type thing. I know it’s probably not gaining me any extra “karma” points or anything like that, it just seems like it’s important to me to do that. Maybe it’s partly the fact that it is becoming a lost art, that it appeals to me. One of these days all our communication may be electronic, and I’ll be outdated. But I hope to hold off that time a little while longer!

P.S. Next time you want to brighten someone’s day, send them a card via snail mail. Bet it’ll make ’em smile!

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