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3 Colors~

3 Colors ~

You can only choose three colors from the box to use in your picture. Which do you choose, and why?

I would have a hard time choosing only three. I love to draw, paint, color, pen-and-ink, charcoal, marker, chalk, anything that requires using color. I would have a very hard time living a black and white existence, let me tell you! But, if I had to choose, here are my three colors……..

I love blue. It is my favorite of all colors. Anytime, anywhere. For anything. I don’t know why exactly I have such an affinity to this particular color, but it just makes me feel happy. I never really understood how people used the color blue to say they feel sad or down. I “feel blue” a lot, but it’s never a bad thing. I would use red or orange to describe depression or sadness, because to me these colors fit that feeling a lot more accurately. Because when I feel depressed or sad, it actually makes me more of the red/orange angries, rather than the blue/purple contenteds. I could color a whole picture using nothing but all the shades and hues of blues in a 96 color Crayola box. Blue is the sky. Blue is a little boys eyes on a summer day. Blue is the never ending feeling of the ocean stretching out into forever. Blue is calm and comforting.

Green is another of my faves. I guess probably because it is the color of nature, and the outdoors. You see more of this color outside than any other , if you think about it. My husband says if God has a favorite color, it must be green. Green means new life, growth, feeling serene. Green is those first shoots brave enough to dare even the still cold spring weather. Green is courage and strength.

Black is an enigma. Black is the stunning color of the night. Black is a small puppies fur. Black is the stark , thick , bold lines of a pen and ink drawing. Black really is the color of my true loves’ hair. Black is without fathom, or understanding. Black can be cold, or warm depending on whom you are experiencing it with. Black is unbending truth and unflinching loyalty.

Could you choose only three? Could you go the rest of your life with just those three color choices? I am so grateful that I DON”T really have to pick just three!


4 thoughts on “3 Colors~”

  1. I enjoyed this post. I would choose blue because it’s the color of the sky and water, green cause of the grass and trees and yellow cause of the sun and flowers. But like you I’m grateful I don’t really have to pick only 3 forever colors.. : )

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