I am just a shell- nothing lives inside of me.
I am only a mirror, reflecting you from me.
Stand before it, take what you will,
and see what you want to see.

I learned long ago in time,
to never let my true feelings show.
To betray them is a weakness,
the gap where the knife will go.

The real me is behind the frame,
hidden under the silvered glass.
Only a fleeting image ripples,
one glance and the moment has passed.

There’s no escape from the leaded shell,
no reason left to try.
For I am just a vapour,
caught between the dark and light.

So don’t think the images you have formed
are the person I really am.
It’s all just an illusion.
A trick of light, a sham.

Don’t think you have me figured out,
there’s so much more left to know.
But you will never comprehend,
I’ll never let it show.

Ruby Jeanette


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