Bent , But Not Broken~

Accessible Band-aids

Scars.  Everybody has them .  Some  might be more visible than others.  Some might not be visible at all.  Some are internal, and some are external.  I’ve got a few of both kinds.  Mostly, I’d have to say my scars are external.  When you have lupus or some other chronic illness your list of scars , physical AND mental, grows longer sometimes by the day.    I have had six surgeries in just the last 12 years.  I’ve got lines going up, down, around and cross ways.  I’ve got stich and staple marks, built up scar tissue, and some lovely stretched silver places.  I’ve met more doctors, nurses, er personnel, and more medical professionals than most people will in their entire lifetimes.  I’ve had some really good hospital experiences (babies!!) , and some really bad hospital experiences ( partial paralysis, botched incisions!)  .   But, I’m still here.  I guess that’s really what I’m trying to say.  Every scar, every line, every stretched, torn or stiched-back-together place is a story.  A place that I’ve been and returned carrying home the victory flag.  A place that shows I was a little stronger, a little braver than I ever thought myself to be.  So, when I see those marks on my body, I’m reminded,  I’m a pretty tough chick.  I’ve been bent, but not broken.  The wounds are gone, the scars remain, and I can hold my head up just a little higher!


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