About Me~

Change,Control, and “I’m-Glad-I’m-Not -In-Charge!” ~

Spring Rains

Change is good.  Well, sometimes.  I can’t honestly qualify the statement that ALL change is good.  Definitely some things change that we wish didn’t.  Like our health, or our financial circumstances.  One thing we surely don’t have control over is the seasons, and when they change.  But I think this is a good thing.  Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty?  Bruce gets angry with God over the changes in his life, and is just SO sure he could do a better job.  Well, God decides to give Bruce charge of things for 7 days and just see how it turns out.  Of course, it’s  a complete disaster, as God no doubt knew it would be.  Bruce, being human , uses his newfound powers pretty much completely selfishly, and tilts the world off it’s own axis nearly.  So, that being said, can you imagine what the world would be like if WE were in charge of the seasons changing?  Well. Today it would be 70 degrees with no wind and a touch of sun, if I were in charge.  But, what if my neighbor liked snow and cold?  Would the sun shine over my house only and the neighbor have his snow for his yard?  What if my sister decided she wanted fourth of July weather for today? Sun, sun, and more sun, 90 degrees and such?  We aren’t all knowing so we don’t know what the effects of such a thing would be on the earth.  The weather would be messed up all over the globe. There would be floods, and droughts, and maybe even other more severe complications.  I decided to remind myself of these ideas this morning when the weather wasn’t to suit me.  Maybe I ‘d be better off leaving the changing of the seasons to the One who instituted them!


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