About Me~

What Was I Thinking?!?~


When was the last time you asked yourself that?  Hahahahahaha…..ohhhh, that’s goooood……just this morning, I asked myself “What were you thinking?!?”  To explain, I just had my gallbladder out a few weeks ago. I had the laproscopic kind, with four small holes, but am still kind of sore.  Well, I decided I was going to Sunday Services this morning, and thought I felt alright enough to put my tights on by myself.  “What was I thinking?!?”  The bending over, the puuuuulllllinnnng…..the trying to balance on one leg while stretching out the other……..HA! It was not pretty , let me tell ya. At least I was in the bedroom, and no one else saw.  That saved me SOME embarrassment.  Oh, wait…..NOW I’m telling everyone about it on the internet………Hmmmmmm…..oops!  Some things are just not meant to be accomplished in recovery and on one leg!  Have a great evening everyone!


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