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Creepy Crawly Thoughts~

Creepy Crawly Thoughts~

  • Pretend That You Owe Me Nothing And All The World Is Green

    Creepy is that feeling you get, you know the one, when you feel it.  It raises those tiny hairs on your arms, your heart get that little flutter , and you seem just a little unsteady on your feet.  I’ve had the feeling before, but never really thought about what gives it to me until now.  I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of things.
    Really Creepy Things~
    1.  This is going to sound strange, but some people creep me out.  It doesn’t even have to be anyone I know. I’ve had encounters with certain people, sometimes strangers, who gave me this feeling.  I know that sounds weird , but I just got a vibe from them that was wrong somehow.  Maybe they even seem perfectly normal on the outside, but something screams to me , “You can’t trust them!” or even , “They are dangerous! Beware!”.  Not a pleasant feeling , mind you, but it’s the truth.
    2.  Watching animals eat other animals.  I like animals.  I love all my pets. Chickens, dogs, cat, turtle, we even have a tarantula who eats worms, and live crickets.  But , I can’t watch it.  In my mind I just hear the little crickets screaming, or the worms making a squishy noise while Chulina slurps them up .  Ewwwwwwww.  I like animal shows, but if a part comes on where lions are eating wildebeests, or crocodiles are eating zebras, I have to turn away.
    3.  The final thing I thought of that creeps me out is green candy.  Yes, yes, I know.  I really am a weirdie.  I like vegetables, and they are green.  Broccoli, lettuce, bell peppers.  All good stuff.  But something just seems innately creepy about green candy.  It’s unnatural.  Sugar isn’t green.  Corn syrup isn’t green.  So why do they make candy green?!? St. Paddy’s is this month too, so I’ll really get an eyeful of it.  And it stains the kiddos tongues until I just want to ralph.
    Okay, I m through baring my soul for the day! 🙂  What creeps you out? Do you thing it’s a weird thing, or completely normal?  What do you think other people think about it?  Shout me a line or two!

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