About Me~

A Box of Chocolates~

You can only pick one.  What kind of filling do you hope is inside?  Caramel? Coconut? Orange?  Raspberry?  Or maybe you’re a peppermint creme kind of person?  You only get one.  Maybe we even change the rules and say , “It’s the last piece of chocolate you’ll EVER get.  ”  Oooooh.  Then what would you say?  If you knew this , would you take your time?  Would you somehow decide differently?  Would you read the back of the box to make SURE you got the piece you really wanted?    I don’ t know.  I don’t think I would choose differently.  I wouldn’t put a lot of research into it.  It IS only chocolate after all.  We can’t live our lives in fear.  Even if the fear is of choosing the wrong flavor chocolate.  You have to put yourself out there, love with abandon, live freely, smell the roses, and what not.  Do a little more hand holding, a little more slow walking, and lot more laughing.  A little more sunny,  a little more blue sky, and a lot more of the people we love best.  We only get one go around here in the end.  Will you waste your time on fear?  Fear of choosing the wrong thing?  You can spend so much time in the choosing itself, that life passes you by while you worry.  I’m going to spend a little less time in useless fretting and a little more time enjoying my chocolate.  Whatever flavor it might turn out to be!


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