About Me~

Mules and Chocolate Frosting~

Stubborn as a mule. We’ve all heard this expression used to describe someone. I used to be known for my stubborness.  When I was growing up, my dad called me a “hardhead” for the fact that usually when I made my mind up about something, I was set on it. Conviction to such a degree CAN be a good thing in some respects.  I made up my mind at an early age not to drink, smoke, or do drugs, and NO amount of peer pressure could make me change my mind.  I was determined!  ( And I never did do any of those things.)   But sometimes , we can be so set on a point that we can’t see the wrongness of it.  We can just be SO sure we are right about something!  I used to be worse at this than I am now.   Parent-hood has a way of changing how we view things.  Such as……”My child will never sleep with me and my husband!”  Heh.  “I will never feed MY children junky food for breakfast!”  Riiiight……  ”  I will never, EVER, EVER let MY children do ‘such and such’!”  Uh- huh.    Trust me when I say your views will change.  Not only will your kids sleep with you and your husband, they’ll flat out run your husband out of the bed and send him to the sofa!  When you have been awake for what seems like a month at a time  nursing sick babies and all they want is chocolate frosting and cold milk for breakfast, you will hand them the spoon your self!  And as far as saying NEVER, EVER, EVER , the only thing I would say that about anymore is that I will never, ever , ever say that about anything, anymore.  🙂    In this game ( the raising of human beings) it pays to be flexible.  So, I ‘ve decided to be a little more relaxed , and a tad more open minded.  (Word of caution though, you CAN be so open minded that your brains fall out, so let’s not get TOO carried away!)

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