About Me~


Well, I am 6 days out from having my gallbladder taken out. I had it out last Friday in the a.m. And got to go home the same day.  I guess for an update , I’m feeling okay.  Not spectacular, but okay.  I still have my staples which I am hoping to get removed at my checkup today.  I am still sore on the right hand side, and coughing or sneezing is still pretty rough.  I’ve been up every day and walked some, so I haven’t just been flat on my back, even though the first couple of days, let me tell ya, that’ s all I really wanted to do.  I am still really weak, because I wasn’t able to eat for about a month before having it taken out, and my appetite is just now picking back up again.  I still am thinking about the sofa being my friend! I am just really tired , still, and hope my energy soon picks up with my appetite.  So, all in all, I guess being only 6 days out from surgery, I really can’t complain!  Hope to feel up to being out and seeing people soon!  Wish me luck at my checkup!


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