About Me~

It’s Finally Confirmed~

I’m weird.  Yep.  Totally. Completely. Weird.  I have proof.  I didn’t have proof before, it was just a sneaking suspicion, really. Kind of a niggling doubt in the back of my mind.  But , after trolling FB today, I have located quantifiable proof that I am strange  .  Well, at least for my gender anyway.

What made me realize this today?  I did not post a picture of my Valentine’s gift or post a status ABOUT my Valentine’s gift.  Why not?  I didn’t GET a Valentine’s Day gift.  SHOCK.  HORROR!  AWE!  That’s right I said my husband of 15 years did NOT get me a gift on the DAY of days for romance.  He didn’t get me anything yesterday for it, or the day before, either.

Now let me say, I do not begrudge people who post their sweet pictures of their loved ones.  I love seeing all the neat ways that people show their love for one another!  Roses! Candy ! Jewelry! These are all great, and hubs HAS bought me all those things in the past.  But hear me out .  I just don’t seem to care about those things anymore.  They just don’t matter to me.  I am not a huge jewelry wearer.  Don’t much care for diamonds.  If I  wear “real” gemstones, I like unusual things with colors or something non traditional.  Mostly I just wear the cheap stuff.  You know 3 for $5 at CATOs. 🙂

I don’t really want roses or flowers that are going to die in a few weeks. I would so much rather have a planted rose to enjoy for a long time.

And candy.  Seriously, ladies.  Let’s be honest with each other.  We buy that stuff for ourselves. No man needed!  I do NOT wait for my husband to surprise me with chocolates when in need of my happy place!

I suppose people will ask me , “Don’t you miss the romance?”  Well, maybe I just define romance in a different way.  After all, my hubs just took me to have my gallbladder out at like, 5 in the morning.  After all the pain, I’d been in from that stupid thing,  THAT was a romantic gift!

So, I hope everyone got what they truly wanted for HEARTS day.  If you didn’t, ladies, take a page from my book and just tell the significant other,  “Know what?  Don’t go shop for a gift for me.  Just leave me the checkbook, that way I’ll get what I REALLY want!” 🙂


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