News Stories I'm Sick Of


I am so sick of hearing about celebrity divorces ! I know I should probably be compassionate and empathetic, but I just have a hard time feeling for them you know? They are blessed with talent, physical beauty, and great wealth. They live in multi million dollar homes and take extended vacations in fabulous locations. They should have access to all kinds of therapy and marriage counselors. They shouldn't have the stresses that us "ordinary" people have that cause strain on marriages. But with all that, they just can't seem to hold their lives together! They get together, shack up, get pregnant , get married , move in together , and then seemingly overnight, they are "moving on". I just don't understand what there is for them to split up over?!? You always see the tabloids and it's some inane reason isn't it? "We grew apart." Huh? "We're moving in different directions." What does THAT mean? And of course the most crazy thing is one month they are kissing , smooching, lolling all over one another, and then one month later you read………"So and So caught out and about in terrible argument. Name calling, and screaming." How does it go from 0 to 60 so fast? I could never fall in love with someone who screamed at me in the first place. Who wants to live like that as a dating couple, much less a married couple. No way! Okay, so I'm off my soapbox now. I've been at home a lot reading magazines and on the internet, so I 've kind of overloaded on pop culture. I've been sick and I 'm going to have my gallbladder taken out tomorrow, so hopefully I can be back to my version of "normal" pretty soon! Have a great day everyone!

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