About Me~

Falling Behind~

I had fully intended to write every day in February!  But it seems like every time I make that promise to myself, something comes up, and I end up falling behind.  I have not felt well at all the last few weeks. I never knew that your gallbladder could cause you such trouble! Or that trying to get someone to take it out would take such a long time to get set up.  Usually doctors are lining up to take my money but not this go around.

So, on to my list of people I appreciate for the last few days!  I have to list my kiddos.  They have been so patient with me, and understanding about how bad I’ve felt.  They’ve done laundry, dishes, and all the other chores without complaint.  They’ve waited on me and just generally been sweet.

And my friends have all called and volunteered to do all kinds of things . From watching the boys to doing my grocery shopping.  I am a seriously blessed individual.

But anyway, if I don’t get here for the next few days, I HOPE it’s because I’m getting my gallbladder taken out!

I’ll catch up on my gratitude list when I get to feeling better! Hope this finds everyone having a good day!

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