Continuing my theme of love and appreciation for the month of February, today’s star is my mom. 

She has earned her spot on this list this month for sure!  She has trotted me back and forth to Hot Springs all this week, done my grocery shopping, taken care of my kids, made sure they’ve gotten their school work done, taken them to church, gone to the pharmacy for me, and just generally made sure that I’ve had what I’ve needed these last couple of weeks. 

  She doesn’t complain , even though I’m sure she hasn’t just felt spectacular every day herself. 

I have to be honest and up front, though.  There have been times in our lives when we haven’t always gotten along, and I might have been ambivalent about putting her on this list.  I know growing up I did not appreciate her in the way that I should have. 

  It’s easy to see that now.  When you are young and know all there is to know about life, sometimes mothers seem like an overrated aspect of your life.  Feeling smothered makes it hard to feel like you can be your own person. Or perhaps you have the opposite problem, and feel like your mother doesn’t care ENOUGH about you.  It can be difficult either way.  But now I am a mother and see the challenges that come with the position.  To love without strangling can be hard.  To guide without overwhelming.  To give your opinion and yet still allow your child to become their own person.  There is  a very fine line that I sometimes inadvertently cross. 

  I don’t think a relationship stands still.  And even though I am grown, I still work on the one I have with my mother.  We’ve learned that you have to have give and take.  It’s what makes things work.

  But I do want to say I ‘m proud of how far we’ve come!  And I do want to say to her,  “Thanks.”  and ‘I love and appreciate you, so much!”Image

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