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I like simple.  Simple is good.  Simple is easy.  Simple allows you to focus on the important things in life.  Our house rules are very simple.  We only have six.

The Woods Family House Rules~

1. Treat EVERY-one the way YOU want to be treated.  Even a small child can understand this.  All you have to ask them is “How would you feel , if? ”  Your toy was taken , or someone pushed you? We first learn by the example we have set before us. We learn to interact based on the way we are interacted with by others. This is the most important rule, hence it’s status as number one.  If we filter everything we say, do, think and feel about others , based on what we ourselves would like, there will be a lot less strife, and turmoil.  If we ask ourselves, “Would I want someone to say that to me?” , and the answer is no, then we shouldn’t say it!

2. If you dirty it up , you clean it up.  We have to learn that when we grow up , keeping our own areas clean is a great habit to have.  We all live healthier when we live clean.

3.  If you take it out , you put it away.  We also need to learn that when we keep our stuff in a specific place we are more likely to know where it is when we need it.

4.  If it’s hungry , feed it.  Our animal friends and even our children need food for nourishment and to  grow the way God has planned.  We can also be spiritually hungry and need to fed in this way also.

5. If  it’s thirsty , water it.  Animals and pets depend on us to make sure they have clean water. They can not run to the store and get bottled.  When we take on the responsibility of a pet, or of another human being, we have to be diligent in making sure they do not get thirsty.  We also have to remember to teach our children that our inner selves can become thirsty too!

6 If it cries , love it.  This is almost as important as number one.  All people need love.  From the smallest to the greatest.  Even the most hardened soul has a part somewhere that longs to be loved , accepted , cared for , for the person we are now, and not the person we are going to be.  Love is so powerful!  And compassion!  These two MUST go hand in hand.

So there you have it.  Those are the rules I kept posted for the boys when they were little.  Six simple little things that even the tiniest kid can understand.  I am happy to say that my boys have taken most of these to heart.  We still have to work at it, but they understand the principles behind the ideas.  See, I always knew when they were little that this was the kind of people I wanted them to be.  Not the smartest. Not the most successful in business.  Not the ones with the biggest car or house. I wanted my boys to know true success is being known as a man of honor, of empathy, of kindness and dare I even say it, of grace.  If they can become those kinds of men, maybe I will have accomplished a not-so -simple task after all.


Which Would You Choose?

horse eye

I've always had an affinity to animals. Growing up, I was kind of a strange kid, and did not have very many friends my own age. I spent a lot of time by myself, outdoors . Animals were my companions wherever I went. I can't remember a time when I didn't have at least one dog, cat, or horse to keep me company on my journeys. I don't think I ever felt alone as long as I was with my furry friends.

I'm not sure what it is about animals that makes them such wonderful parts our lives, but my biggest thought on that is that they never judge. They don't care if we are fat or skinny. If we combed our hair or not. If we have the latest in fashions or cars. They listen every time we talk. They almost seem to even nod, or smile when we need them to.

Some of my favorite memories ever are of my big Paint/ Quarter Horse cross, Spot. He was huge. He was 18 hands high, weighed 1100 pounds and wore the biggest shoes that the farrier carried. But he was a gentle giant. I used to go to the barn and find him while he was lying in the hay. He'd whicker at me as if to say , "Come on in!" I would open the gate and he would let me sit with my back to him and pour out my heart to him. Sometimes we would just sit and neither of us would "say" anything. Those were some of the best times of my young life.

If someone ever asked me, "If you could be any animal, which would you choose?" I'd say I want to be a horse. Swift of feet, gentle of heart.

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About Me~


Well, I am 6 days out from having my gallbladder taken out. I had it out last Friday in the a.m. And got to go home the same day.  I guess for an update , I’m feeling okay.  Not spectacular, but okay.  I still have my staples which I am hoping to get removed at my checkup today.  I am still sore on the right hand side, and coughing or sneezing is still pretty rough.  I’ve been up every day and walked some, so I haven’t just been flat on my back, even though the first couple of days, let me tell ya, that’ s all I really wanted to do.  I am still really weak, because I wasn’t able to eat for about a month before having it taken out, and my appetite is just now picking back up again.  I still am thinking about the sofa being my friend! I am just really tired , still, and hope my energy soon picks up with my appetite.  So, all in all, I guess being only 6 days out from surgery, I really can’t complain!  Hope to feel up to being out and seeing people soon!  Wish me luck at my checkup!

About Me~

It’s Finally Confirmed~

I’m weird.  Yep.  Totally. Completely. Weird.  I have proof.  I didn’t have proof before, it was just a sneaking suspicion, really. Kind of a niggling doubt in the back of my mind.  But , after trolling FB today, I have located quantifiable proof that I am strange  .  Well, at least for my gender anyway.

What made me realize this today?  I did not post a picture of my Valentine’s gift or post a status ABOUT my Valentine’s gift.  Why not?  I didn’t GET a Valentine’s Day gift.  SHOCK.  HORROR!  AWE!  That’s right I said my husband of 15 years did NOT get me a gift on the DAY of days for romance.  He didn’t get me anything yesterday for it, or the day before, either.

Now let me say, I do not begrudge people who post their sweet pictures of their loved ones.  I love seeing all the neat ways that people show their love for one another!  Roses! Candy ! Jewelry! These are all great, and hubs HAS bought me all those things in the past.  But hear me out .  I just don’t seem to care about those things anymore.  They just don’t matter to me.  I am not a huge jewelry wearer.  Don’t much care for diamonds.  If I  wear “real” gemstones, I like unusual things with colors or something non traditional.  Mostly I just wear the cheap stuff.  You know 3 for $5 at CATOs. 🙂

I don’t really want roses or flowers that are going to die in a few weeks. I would so much rather have a planted rose to enjoy for a long time.

And candy.  Seriously, ladies.  Let’s be honest with each other.  We buy that stuff for ourselves. No man needed!  I do NOT wait for my husband to surprise me with chocolates when in need of my happy place!

I suppose people will ask me , “Don’t you miss the romance?”  Well, maybe I just define romance in a different way.  After all, my hubs just took me to have my gallbladder out at like, 5 in the morning.  After all the pain, I’d been in from that stupid thing,  THAT was a romantic gift!

So, I hope everyone got what they truly wanted for HEARTS day.  If you didn’t, ladies, take a page from my book and just tell the significant other,  “Know what?  Don’t go shop for a gift for me.  Just leave me the checkbook, that way I’ll get what I REALLY want!” 🙂


News Stories I'm Sick Of


I am so sick of hearing about celebrity divorces ! I know I should probably be compassionate and empathetic, but I just have a hard time feeling for them you know? They are blessed with talent, physical beauty, and great wealth. They live in multi million dollar homes and take extended vacations in fabulous locations. They should have access to all kinds of therapy and marriage counselors. They shouldn't have the stresses that us "ordinary" people have that cause strain on marriages. But with all that, they just can't seem to hold their lives together! They get together, shack up, get pregnant , get married , move in together , and then seemingly overnight, they are "moving on". I just don't understand what there is for them to split up over?!? You always see the tabloids and it's some inane reason isn't it? "We grew apart." Huh? "We're moving in different directions." What does THAT mean? And of course the most crazy thing is one month they are kissing , smooching, lolling all over one another, and then one month later you read………"So and So caught out and about in terrible argument. Name calling, and screaming." How does it go from 0 to 60 so fast? I could never fall in love with someone who screamed at me in the first place. Who wants to live like that as a dating couple, much less a married couple. No way! Okay, so I'm off my soapbox now. I've been at home a lot reading magazines and on the internet, so I 've kind of overloaded on pop culture. I've been sick and I 'm going to have my gallbladder taken out tomorrow, so hopefully I can be back to my version of "normal" pretty soon! Have a great day everyone!

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About Me~

Falling Behind~

I had fully intended to write every day in February!  But it seems like every time I make that promise to myself, something comes up, and I end up falling behind.  I have not felt well at all the last few weeks. I never knew that your gallbladder could cause you such trouble! Or that trying to get someone to take it out would take such a long time to get set up.  Usually doctors are lining up to take my money but not this go around.

So, on to my list of people I appreciate for the last few days!  I have to list my kiddos.  They have been so patient with me, and understanding about how bad I’ve felt.  They’ve done laundry, dishes, and all the other chores without complaint.  They’ve waited on me and just generally been sweet.

And my friends have all called and volunteered to do all kinds of things . From watching the boys to doing my grocery shopping.  I am a seriously blessed individual.

But anyway, if I don’t get here for the next few days, I HOPE it’s because I’m getting my gallbladder taken out!

I’ll catch up on my gratitude list when I get to feeling better! Hope this finds everyone having a good day!



Continuing my theme of love and appreciation for the month of February, today’s star is my mom. 

She has earned her spot on this list this month for sure!  She has trotted me back and forth to Hot Springs all this week, done my grocery shopping, taken care of my kids, made sure they’ve gotten their school work done, taken them to church, gone to the pharmacy for me, and just generally made sure that I’ve had what I’ve needed these last couple of weeks. 

  She doesn’t complain , even though I’m sure she hasn’t just felt spectacular every day herself. 

I have to be honest and up front, though.  There have been times in our lives when we haven’t always gotten along, and I might have been ambivalent about putting her on this list.  I know growing up I did not appreciate her in the way that I should have. 

  It’s easy to see that now.  When you are young and know all there is to know about life, sometimes mothers seem like an overrated aspect of your life.  Feeling smothered makes it hard to feel like you can be your own person. Or perhaps you have the opposite problem, and feel like your mother doesn’t care ENOUGH about you.  It can be difficult either way.  But now I am a mother and see the challenges that come with the position.  To love without strangling can be hard.  To guide without overwhelming.  To give your opinion and yet still allow your child to become their own person.  There is  a very fine line that I sometimes inadvertently cross. 

  I don’t think a relationship stands still.  And even though I am grown, I still work on the one I have with my mother.  We’ve learned that you have to have give and take.  It’s what makes things work.

  But I do want to say I ‘m proud of how far we’ve come!  And I do want to say to her,  “Thanks.”  and ‘I love and appreciate you, so much!”Image