My Least Favorite Chore~

253 – Pegs on clothes line

Laundry. Oh, how I hate it! Why is it that it's NEVER completely done? It seems like I wash, and dry, wash and dry……..over and over. I have one husband , two sons, five dogs, assorted chickens, a tank full of fish, a cat, a terrapin, and a tarantula. I homeschool, and I have a chronic auto immune disease called lupus. I try to keep up with the cleaning , organizing, and laundry, but it seems determined to run me over, and flatten me out. I swear that clean AND dirty clothing breeds when you toss it somewhere to be folded and, I am almost positive that the piles I had sorted grew while I was at the ER this past weekend.

My gallbladder decided it HATED me, and I've spent most of my week on the sofa, so you can imagine what the laundry situation has been like around here for the last couple of days. Ugh. There it sits, in the laundry room. Silently mocking me everytime I go by. I keep trying to remind myself that on the great score board of life, points are NOT being tallied up and counted against me in the clean clothes department. My children will not grow up with damaged psyches because they did not have all their socks done every day.(I hope.)

But you know how it is. Mothers want to do everything perfectly. It's who we are. It's part of the job description. We try to take care of everyone, and everything, and sometimes we do fail.

Every day I just keep telling myself that as far as life goes, spotless houses, and fabulously finished clothing are NOT the most important things in life. And like most things in life, "It came to pass. " It didn't come to stay.

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