Don't say 'Stupid.' around me

Words that I can't stand`

I hate this word because I believe that all people are capable intelligence. At least intelligence of some kind. Maybe you’re not a book genius, or a math genius, or the kind of genius that will save the world by curing a disease. But perhaps your type of intelligence is knowing when someone needs a hug. Or being able to sense when to be quiet so the other person can talk. Perhaps you have a learning disability or a medical disability that prevents you from doing all you wish you could. But there are more ways to be smart than just knowing the square root of some obscure number.

As in”You have lupus. You will have to have a heart transplant, because even with these drugs, your heart will fail in about 3 years. Feeling better is impossible.” Or “Your son was born with so many problems , he will never walk, talk , or be normal. It’s impossible.” My son and are both living examples that impossibilities CAN be possibilities!

ANY kind of racial slur.
I grew up in the South . And there are some people here who are still very racist. The prejudice runs very deep here for some families. They teach it to their children and their grandchildren. But I refuse to be poisoned by this attitude. Or to allow my children to be poisoned. People should be judged on their actions, words, and deeds alone. Period. Color has absolutely NO bearing on why people are the way they are. One color is not superior to another no matter how you slice it.

I hate turning on a television and trying to watch a show anymore. It’s almost as if you’d be better to turn on the mute button and just watch that way. I mean seriously, when there are more bleeeeeeeps than regular words, as in “You bleep bleep bleepity bleep. I’m going to bleep bleep bleeep bleepity bleep. ” Really? Ugh.

As in “We need to redo your labwork. ” Or “Your labwork came back and it wasn’t good. ” I have lupus which means I am used to being stuck with needles, x-rayed, medicated, nauseous, nearly bald, terrible body aches, fevers, hospitalized, and bedridden. But I still dread those words the most, I guess. “Need more labwork!”

I could think of a lot of words or phrases that really rub me the wrong way.

Gossip, calling people names, a lot of modern slang, and just the casually rude way people talk to one another these days.

Words have great power, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. I can forget things that were DONE to me, fairly easily. But I remember into infinity the things that people have SAID to me. Something about hurtful words just sink deeply into our psyche.

So think before you speak, each and every day. You never know what a difference it can make. For good OR for evil.

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