Today's Question Is…….

Do You Tell it Like It Is, Or Do You Hold Back?~

cat got your tongue?

Ooooooh. Are you SURE you want to know? Ha. I have talked about this before. I have a serious defect. I was born without that filter between my brain and my mouth. So, if I think it, it just flies right out. My husband just looks at me sometimes ….with either awe, or astonishment, and says , "I can't believe you just said that!". I never know whether he's embarrassed or proud. But I seemingly can't help it. I've always been this way, and as much as I've tried to change it, as I get older I sometimes wonder if the world couldn't use a little bit more of the tell it as it is sort, rather than the tell me what I WANT to hear sort.

Seriously. People are WAY too worried about what other people think of them these days. Especially the younger set. I swear going to the mall is like walking into a cloning machine. All these kids (boys AND girls) all dressing alike, walking alike, talking alike, and seemingly thinking alike. I know being different is apparently some kind of terrible disease these days, but I wish it would become contagious. Oh, there are the few "outsiders" . The ones who don't really care what's "popular". It's scary to think that those who are "popular" now are probably the "leaders" of tomorrow. And they don't seem to have an original idea between the lot of them. Individuality is supposed to be a good thing. Thinking for yourself. Even if that opinion is not the "norm". Or the "popular" thing. I don't think difference should be ridiculed. At least not just BECAUSE it's different.

I am so glad my parents raised me to have a mind of my own. To speak freely and without fear! Now if I can just remember that sometimes….just sometimes……I can edit my thoughts………

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