Water Torture~

Uggh. I remember now why I didn’t finish the antibiotics from the last round of bronchitis that I had.  AND I remember why eating lettuce when you are nauseous is probably NOT a very good idea.  Needless to say lettuce coming out of your nose while you barf is not fun.

You know, I guess that is probably one of the suckiest things about lupus.  Not only do you deal with the sickness of lupus itself, but you also become way more susceptible to other sickness like bronchitis and colds and junky winter flus.  I have had bronchitis twice in the last month.  I had the actual flu before that, even though I took the flu shot.  Plus, every medicine they give you to help causes your stomach to go into revolt.

I am usually a super positive person, and I am still trying to hold my head up! But all these factors just kind of pile up on you .  Then you just get bogged down.  I guess it’s kind of like that water torture thing they talk about.  You know , where you’re tied down and they drop one drop of water on your forehead every minute or so.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal does it?  But you can’t wipe it, and it just pecks you there , right there in the middle of your forehead, and then runs down into your eye, or across your nose, where you can’t do anything about it.  And just when you think , “Oh, good. That one’s gone!”  It’s time for another drop to hit you on the forehead again!  That’s what living with lupus is like sometimes.  You get over a cold, or the flu, and just as you think “Oh good. That’s gone!”  Something else rolls around.

Okay, I’ve had my gripe fest for today!  I know it will get better, I may just not know when.  Sooooooooo, for today , I may head back to the sofa, and my comfy cushions.  Hope everyone is holding their head above water today! Thinking of everyone!  (Hugs) 🙂


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