Break Out the Plastic Houses~

and the metal shoe…….


Board games were a BIG deal when I was growing up. These were the days before cartoons came on every day. Before there was children's programming. Well, besides Sesame Street. That WAS the extent of children's programming. Or if you were lucky, Captain Kangaroo. But there was no Nickelodeon or CartoonNetwork or the Disney Channel. (At least, not that we were aware of!) There were board games. Hi Ho Cherry O, Monopoly, Trouble, or Sorry! . (Remember the Monopoly playing pieces? The shoe? Or the Scottie dog?) If you were the cool kid you had Operation, or some other game that required batteries. We were kind of the nerdy kids, so we had Scrabble, and Clue. Was it Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room? We had card games too. UNO, and Skip -Bo. Or Solitaire and Slap-Jack with regular playing cards. We had checkers and fox and geese.

I look back now, and think "Man , we were old -fashioned!" Even then, because there WAS such a thing as Satellite Tv, or cable. We just didn't know about them. I realize now that some kids had those giant satellite dishes that got cartoons. They lived in town and got cable.

But I don't feel like we were neglected , or deprived. I remember loving those times when we all played Clue. Or when we went to the neighbors for UNO night.

My kids still love playing cards, and board games. It's a tradition I'm proud they want to continue. Because even if they do get 200 channels of programming, it's good to "unplug" every now and then, and break out the Monopoly money!

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