Do You Have a Favorite Video Game?

E3 2011 – Video Game Museum – Atari 2600

I don't play video games. I know, I know, I'm some kind of weirdie. But , I just don't get the draw. I don't play Farm ville , City ville, Town ville, Frontier ville, or any other ville. I don't play Wii, PlayStation , or XBox. The last game system I played a game on was the original gray and red Nintendo. With the duck hunting game. You know the one, with the gray and orange pistol you had to aim at the screen.

When we were little we had an Atari. Does anyone remember those? Oh, we thought we were SO state of the art! Remember how they made the pictures with the little squares ? And do you remember pong? You know where you had the wheel type controller and the bar on the screen to block the "ball"? Bloop…………..Bloop……….Bloop. and so forth. We also had the Indiana Jones game, the driving game, Frogger, and Pac -Man.

I went to You Tube the other day and showed my kids what video game graphics used to look like. They got a huge kick out of that! The funny thing is these games were only out about 20 years ago, so the technology has come a LONG way since then.

I've seen some of the games now, and everything is super realistic. People, buildings, vehicles, everything is like a whole other world.

Books have always been MY escape . I love the whole experience of reading. The smell of the pages, the feel of the heavy cover in my hand, the get-away to another universe , seeing through someone else's eyes for just a small amount of time. Maybe people get that from video games, but it doesn't look like they require a lot of imagination and to me it just seems like a cold experience somehow. Too digital.

I don't really watch a lot of television, or spend a ton of time on the internet either. I guess the digital world just seems kind of intimidating to me. To be surrounded by books feels like being surrounded by old friends. I don't think a video game can compete with that.

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