If I Were a Flavor


I guess it would probably depend on who you asked. You know it's going to be a different answer from each person who knows you. If my husband answers the question, he would probably say, "She's chocolate candies with a cinnamon red hots center." Because he says I'm sweet , but I can have a bite. My children would probably say, "Momma is warm vanilla and pancakes." Because that is their favorite breakfast smell. My good friends, those who have known me most of my life, would tell you that I am SweetTarts, and Dr. Pepper. Because I am tangy, fun, and a little dark when you get to know me.

But if you are asking me, what flavor are you REALLY? If you could peer into my most secret of pantries (my soul) what tastes would you find?

I'm the sour of a lemon drop with the sugar licked clean. I am the sweet of the sweetest caramels, and just might stick between your teeth. I am the meat of a hamburger cooked just exactly right. I am the fizz of the Mountain Dew freshly opened. I would be all these things and more, if you cared to look. I don't think one flavor could ever cover all that a person is, in their most hidden places. So perhaps Shrek had it right all along. We really are like onions. Layers and layers.

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