On Silence

Silence is underrated I think. Especially in this day and age. If you think about it, there is some kind of noise EVERYWHERE you go. I am both grateful for and annoyed with the technology of this era. It makes it incredibly easy to keep in touch with those who we love, but it also makes it incredibly easy for those we don't care about or for to keep in touch with us , too. Computers, cell phones, televisions , iPads, Blackberrys , video games , cars, planes, trains, buses…..ringing, clanging, chiming, honking, rushing, rushing, rushing! Noise signifies that we are moving. Got to be moving! But why? What are we so noisily headed towards? And what will we do when we get there? Will we be able to be quiet and still then?

I guess one of my favorite memories ever is my Dad taking me to the woods. We used to go every weekend nearly. The sounds of the forest, or the lack thereof, were awesome. Just to be still . To be silent . We didn't have to have words . It was enough to know we were there together . To feel the rough bark of the tree, to see the sky. The smell of pines and fog.

All this noise, noise, noise that comes from the dogged pursuit of "whatever" sure keeps us from really hearing anything worthwhile. We have 5 senses for a reason . When was the last time you really listened, looked, smelled, tasted and touched the world around you?

Silence is only uncomfortable if you are uncomfortable with yourself. When you realize that you can be still , silent , and calm and STILL be accomplishing something……now that's a wonderful feeling!

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2 thoughts on “On Silence”

  1. Hey Ruby, I’d like to congratulate you for that piece of writing that I find so relaxing and delightful. You sound as a person who is blessed by inner peace, I hope you keep holding on to it as long as you live šŸ™‚ Thank you for taking me to the calm woods with you… I think I’ll stay there for a while.

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