3 Great Places for a Valentine's Date~

A creek
Have you ever heard that country song, “Fishing in the Dark” ? That is a romantic song! I love being outside. The great outdoors was my playground growing up and now it is no different. We live in Arkansas , the Natural State, so there is no shortage of rivers, creeks, streams, lakes or ponds. A big picnic basket on an old quilt , and a box full of fishing tackle, and I’m ready for a great date!

A small cafe’
Or ANY small restaurant. I don’t like eating in large restaurants. They are just so overwhelming to me. Like those huge buffet places! Where there are 970 things to choose from. Pie, pickles, pork chops, fish, filet mignon, salad, sandwiches, cucumbers, cheesecakes! AAAAAAGH! Please……..all I want is a cheeseburger and fries, really!

or anyplace BESIDES the hospital!
Since learning I have lupus about 13 years ago, I have spent many holidays in the hospital. Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and yes, even Valentines Day. Trust me when I say, that a date over a hospital tray is not what most girls dream of! So, I’m not picky. It doesn’t have to be a typical “romantic” date. I don’t need chocolates , or flowers. Teddy bears or diamonds. If I’m home surrounded by those I love, instead of hooked up to an IV line, that’s a pretty good “special” evening for me!

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