I've always really loved winter. I joke that because I was born in December, (the 16th) that I am a snow baby. My sister was born in July, and totally loves summertime. Winter is just a lot cozier than summer. Winter clothes are way more stylish , too. I love sweaters, boots and hats! There's nothing better than a nice thick cable sweater and a pair of riding boots. Winter just seems like a much slower pace of life compared to summer , too. Summer has all the hectic activities that you try to pack in before you go back to school. Swimming, camping, traveling, ball games, and the like. Summer is cold cokes and hot dogs. Winter is hot cocoa and warm banana nut bread. Summer is fishing holes and bike rides. Winter is Scrabble and picture puzzles. Winter has thick fleece throws and fuzzy slippers. Flannel p.j.'s and warm robes. And winter gives us an excuse to sit a little closer with those we love best. Isn't that the best way to stay warm?

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2 thoughts on “Coziest~”

  1. Yes, I think winter is a slower season and I like it. Sitting by the wood heater, drinking coffee and generally hibernating like an old bear.

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