Riding into 2012~

Riding into 2012~

There is a school of thought that says whatever you spent the first day of the new year doing, is what you will spend the rest of the year doing. I guess that might be pretty good. Today we went to church, morning and evening services, spent time with family and friends, ate some good food, watched some telly, and just generally had a good time. Everyone was well, which is always nice. If that’s a harbinger of the year to come, I’ll take that too! I blogged, so maybe I’ll keep it up every day for 2012!
The picture with this post is my father in law’s old Schwinn bicycle. I remember he rode this thing everywhere. He didn’t have a vehicle for a long time, and rode anywhere from 5 to sometimes 15 miles a day. He was in seriously great shape! We miss him. He passed away in 09. Starting a new year is kind of a sad thing sometimes, when you think about it. You get to thinking about not just the people you are spending it WITH , but also the people who you are spending it WITHOUT.
He was always pretty much a can -do kind of guy , though, so I ‘ll try to remember that. He was always pedaling along, steadily going. Guess there’s something to be said for that, as a philosophy for New Year’s.
I’m gonna’ just keep pedaling, every minute, steadily going!


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