Birth of a Holiday

and what's up with crayons?~

Crayon Lineup

Well. It's the day after. You know, the 26th of December. Ham and turkey hangover day. Too much pumpkin pie and pudding day. Whew. I think we've about decided that we are going to wait and have our Christmas in March next year.

What are your thoughts on that? Is that sacreligious or anything? I guess my idea was that my Dad, my Mom, AND my husband's birthdays are all in March. The craziness of the holidays would be over. Sales would abound! We could be really nontraditional with colors and decorations! Purple, pink, black, silver! We could use our own ideas about music, or traditions to go along with this "new" holiday. It would go against the whole materialistic, worldly , non -family oriented slant of the Christmas season. The more I think about it, the better and better I like this idea. Who comes up with holidays these days anyway? I know the beginnings of the so called regular holidays. Easter, Christmas, and the like. But , there's no hard and fast rule that we can't come up with our own, now is there? It's our family life, after all. If we wanted to have weird hat day in February and decide to eat tacos and lasagna while wearing them, we could. If we wanted to have favorite crayon color day, and eat only foods that were that color, we could. What's up with crayons, anyway? Why do we love them so much?

It's a brave new world! The sky's the limit I say! Man. Maybe I really DID eat too much ham and pudding yesterday……..

So if March rolls around and you see me post some kind of hinky looking "Holiday" pictures, you'll have a heads up as to what's going on!

Hope your holidays have been all you were looking for! If they weren't , maybe you could come up with a new way to celebrate with those you love!

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