TA~DA! 2011 in 12 sentences…..

Well, I might have fudged on the 12 sentences part….but I'm windy, so what can I say?


1. January 2011~ Rescued two starving doggies who had been dumped out in the 9 degree icy weather.

2. February 2011~ Spent a LOT of money on two starving doggies at the vet's ……..

3. March 2011~ Celebrated hubby's 45 th birthday…..geez, he's old!

4. April 2011~ Homeschool testing accomplished, in the middle of a tornado warning , no less!

5. May 2011~ Spring break …..gone fishing!

6. June 2011~ Finished up school work……summertime!

7. July 2011~ Weather unbelievably hot….triple digits every day….no rain in weeks!

8. August 2011~ No rain, plenty of sun, 115? Yes sir!

9. September 2011~ What school time again?

10. October 2011~ Made a visit to theme park, cool enough to have fun!

11. November 2011~ Doctor visits, hospital trips, more medication? Uggh, yes, on all counts.

12. December 2011~ Christmas shopping, meal shopping, stockings hung with care? Done, done , and done.

2011 we've not seen the last of you yet, but all in all , you weren't too terrible. Yeah, I was sick, but I'm still kickin'! ER visits, doctor visits, medications…….hadn't whupped me yet!

2012 …..wonder what you'll bring? Who knows? I've learned to never even think that far ahead! I've learned it's better to be grateful for each and every second, as it comes. It might be all I get, or it might not….but I won't waste it wondering!

Hope 2011 was all you dreamed it would be…..but if it wasn't ……hey , you're still on THIS side of the flower bed, right? That means we can change the next second, minute, hour , days and months ahead, until we get it right!

So however you get your holidays on, or whatever you're saying….I wish you a blessed and full of joy season, that continues right on through 2012!

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