My Astrological Sign

do you believe?


I am a Saggitarius. That's the archer, I do know that much. I don't place much stock in what sign I am, I guess. I'm sure there are schools of thought that say it has great bearing on the kind of person I am. There's a school of thought on everything these days! I know some people read their horoscopes . Either for fun or because they believe in it. I don't personally think it has any effect on my life , mostly because it's some one else's read on the universe and how it will impact me. To me that would be the same as reading someone's blog, and deciding that what they said was going to make you do something you wouldn't ordinarily do. You know, the whole "If your friends were jumping off of a cliff, would you do it?", type thing. I don't want anyone following me because they think I have all the answers! Seriously, I don't know anyone who does. People should really make their own decisions, based on what's best for them, not what the "stars" or the trends say to do. Really, the world is full of crazy , odd trends, and everyone thinks their way is best. I 'm just not sure the position of the heavens has anything to do with where I' ve been or where I am going. I'd like to think I had more say in my own life than that!

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