A Poem for 2012



How far away is nowhere?

Could I get there from here?

Would it take a long time? Or none at all,

for me to get there?

I’d like to go there sometime,

and disappear away.

To have that nothingness envelop me,

and forget about this pain.

This illness overtakes me sometimes

and covers up my life.

Steals my joy and happiness,

robs away my rights.

I have to remind myself daily,

my soul has been set free.

Because my body might have lupus,

but lupus does not have me!

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5 thoughts on “A Poem for 2012”

      1. I had a WordPress blog once, and I found it too difficult to post things on other sites, too. So, I switched everything over to my Blogger blog, and though both are good, I think Google’s Blogger works better for me. I get many more hits on Blogger than I ever did on WP. It’s possible that there is something I missed on WP. My WP blog has set idle for sometime not.

  1. Okay. Thanks! What is your Blogger blog? I have one over there too. It’s also called The Ruby Butterfly, but I post different things over there. I’m not sure which I like better! Thanks for all the comments! 🙂

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