Five Things I'm Good At




at least part of the time……

Do you have something you think you excel at? I think most people consider it bragging if you say you are good at something. In our society it’s kind of frowned upon to be confident. You might be thought of as arrogant or conceited. I didn’t have a problem listing my faults, but trying to think of five things I am good at was really difficult for me. But I think I’ve done it.

1. I am a good listener. I guess I must just project that vibe because I can be standing in the checkout line and have complete strangers start telling me their problems.

2. I am a good hostess. I like having people over , making them feel welcome in my home, and visiting with them. I guess it has to do with all the years I worked as a waitress. I just like serving .

3. I am creative. I can look at a milk jug and think of a dozen things to do with it when it’s empty. This comes in handy when you have kids whose new favorite expression is “I’m bored. Don’t we have anything we can do?”

4. I am compassionate. Sometimes this is a gift, and sometimes it’s a curse. I have great compassion for the sick, the hurting, the needy. I love to help others who are hurting, but if you think about it, sometimes all those feelings can overwhelm a person when the world is FULL of needy, hurting people. I can’t help them all , which is saddening to me.

5. I know how to make people laugh. I guess my motto for life is probably, “When all else fails, Laugh!” In the face of everything, laugh. In trial, or sorrow. In health or sickness. Just laugh. It’s carried me a long way already!

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2 thoughts on “Five Things I'm Good At”

  1. Thanks Bi! Sometimes being good at pushing certain people away might be a good thing, lol……:) There’s a few people that you might could wish would take the hint…….not saying that I know any, !:)

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