Going Places

one page at a time

The World Map of Small Towns

List all the places you've been or would like to go , in a book…..Ha! That could be a seriously loooooooong list! I live to read. I breathe, eat, sleep and dream books. If there was a 12 step program for reading addicts, I would be a card carrying charter member, but like all addicts I am probably in denial. "What? I don't have a problem!"

I learned to read when I was 3 years old. Of course, the fact that my older sister wanted to play school all the time might have something to do with it. After all, "You be the student, or else!" is pretty convincing!

I never really thought about it before, but I wonder how my life might have been different if I hadn't learned to read so early? Or even worse, if I had never learned to read at all?

This is still fairly common although I 'm sure the schools would have you think other wise. But you know reading really is a whole new world every time you open the page. And as cliched as it might sound, you really can travel anywhere in the pages of a book.

I can 't even begin to list all the places I've been in books, and all the places I still want to go!

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