Have YOU only got one?

Timing and Speaking My MInd…..

Numbers 16

My vice is speaking my mind. Now before you say that's not a "real" vice, let me explain. It can be a problem when people do not want to hear what you have to say, or if you say it at the wrong moment. So maybe my vice is my timing and not speaking my mind, but you get the general idea.

I've always had a problem with keeping my mouth shut, ever since I learned to talk. I guess I just never grew out of it , like a lot of people do. I swear to my husband that I was born without that filter between my brain and my mouth that keeps things in. I think it, and it just flies right out. Which is sometimes funny, but sometimes hurtful. I don't ever MEAN for it to hurt anyone, it just comes out that way, and people get offended.

I guess I just hate to see certain behaviors, or actions, and I just let my thoughts rip. As in, the wrong question to ask me , would be "What do you think about that (attitude, behavior, saying, etc,) ? Don't ask me, if you don't REALLY want to know how I feel about it.

So now, I'm thinking, maybe my vice is I'm honest to a fault. Wow. My vice list is stacking up now that I've added that. 1. Being too talkative. 2. Poor timing. 3. Being too honest. Hmmmmm……I'm up to three now, maybe I should stop while I'm ahead, so to speak.

Oh, why stop now? I can be messy. Don't know really how to excuse that , other than I am artsy, and leave my materials out where I can get to them. That's been a lifelong habit as well. That makes 4. Should I go on? Why not? We're being honest , right? I spend far too much money on books. There's 5. I have a weakness for anything sweet or salty, and could eat my weight in Hershey's bars. We're at 6, now. I could go on, I guess, but you get the general idea. Do you KNOW anyone with just ONE vice? If they were really, truly , honest about it? Nah. That's what I thought! 🙂

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