My Sunday News Fix…..

How I Like My News, ( and newspapers….)

Newspapers B&W (2)

I’m a little obsessive about how I read my news paper. I have a specific way it must be read. I know how that sounds, but, hey ….don’t mess with a proven system , right?

First, I must sort the paper. I only buy the Sunday edition, because that’s the coupon issue, where we live. So, first , I take the coupons out and set them aside. Next, I take out the funnies. The best part of the paper obviously! But , I don’t allow myself to read them , yet. I then take the Parade magazine insert, and place it on top of the funnies. the next section I need is the Style and Music section which sometimes changes names on Sunday, so I may have to shuffle around for it. This goes on top of Parade. Then I want High Profile for the weekly biography, the state section, and lastly the classifieds. Then I can flip the pile over and start with the funnies. I don’t read the business section, the front page section , the part 2. of the front page section, or the political section.

The funnies are my fave, because , well, they’re funny! I like Parade because it ‘s kind of a little slice of America ,foods, and so forth. I like Style and Music, because it’s movies and popular culture, and the advice columns are fun to read. High Profile’s nice because it’s kind of like your school lesson for the day, and the classifieds are kind of self-explanatory, but I’ll just say I like to look at other people ‘s junk, and it’s kind of like going to a giant garage sale.

I don’t like the business section, because it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. I don’t read the front page section because it’s all bad news, front page section 2 , more of the same. And the political section, well, that goes with out saying. Who wants to ruin their quiet Sunday afternoon by reading about the latest corruption in local, state, country or world government…….all those in favor? Yeah, me neither.

I actually have a whole order that I read the actual content on the pages of the ordered pile too…….but people might begin to wonder about my mental status, if I posted the detailed order that the actually ordered stack must be read…….

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