What I Love, and Loathe, about the Holidays…..

and why…….

christmas tree

That might be a long list! The holidays are wonderful times, and a lot of special memories get made around them. I 've always loved Christmas , since I was a little kid, because my birthday is in December also, and it's just a neat time to celebrate your birthday. My parents always made sure I got birthday presents , too, and not just one big deal at Christmas.

But I suppose if I had to list my most favorite things around Christmas, I'd say that they are in this order:

1. Time spent with family

2. Finding that perfect gift you know someone will love.

3. The smells! Chocolate, pine, cedar, chocolate, cinnamon, chocolate, did I say that already?

4. People are more loving, giving, and FORgiving than they are usually.

5. Christmas trees and the cute little snow village displays.

That's it. That's my favorite things about the holidays, although I suppose those are things we could have all year if we wanted. I had an elderly friend when I was growing up, who had a Christmas room. She kept it decorated for the holidays all year long , with a big tree and all the trimmings. It was gorgeous! I wish I had a house big enough for that , that would be neat. Then you could get your little taste of those great feelings anytime.

Now. On to my least favorite things about the holiday season. I might have more than on my favorites list, unfortunately.

1. The cost! This would probably go without saying, but seriously.

2. People can also be more rude, grouchy, disrespectful, and annoying at the holidays.

3. Political comments about a person's specific celebration traditions. Christmas , Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and so forth. It's the holidays ! Does their tradition involve human sacrifices? Or starting a war? Or poisoning small children , or something? No? Then let it go. Just this one time of year , let it go.

4. I do not like rain for Christmas, and where I live that is usually all we get. Cold, nasty, two day old , is it over yet? rain. Uggh.

5. I do not like endless rounds of parties. It starts at the 1st of December now! Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there is multiple invites. Which is'nt necessarily bad, but people get offended when you can't go to theirs, and I AM NOT Santa, and can not be everywhere in one night!

6. The "holidays" start in October now! It almost gets old before the "big day" ya' know? I'm just saying that seeing scarecrows, fall corn, and Christmas trees in the same display is a little strange. and finally the last thing that makes the holidays a little less of my favorite, number

7. Time spent with family………..

Nah, I'm just joking!

Hope your holidays have all your faves this year!

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2 thoughts on “What I Love, and Loathe, about the Holidays…..”

  1. I love your best and worst list…lol. Perfect as always. I also love your new page. Snazzy just like you…..Love ya

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