The Last Parade I Attended

and why I may never go again…..


It was in a small town close to us,two Septembers ago. It was for the county fair where we live. We happened to be going anyway, to look at our exhibits and thought it would be fun to catch it. I had not been to a parade in a while before that, and had forgotten how LOUD they were. Fire engine sirens, police sirens, people screaming, horns honking! Plus , the danger of getting hit in the head with flying candy, or getting bowled over by munchkins in pursuit of said candy. Oh, and did I mention the horse poop?!? Flying horse poop! From where the line of horses was just a 'flingin' it up ! I never really thought about it before, but is that sanitary? Your kids are running out into the street to get candy AFTER the horses have come through and pooped in the street…….hmmmm, I may have to rethink my parade mentality. The idea of going deaf, being run over, and eating tainted candy no longer seem like such a fun family activity. I think I'll buy my kids a big bag of candy and fling it up and onto my living room floor. I KNOW what's tromped on it………….

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